Application Refactor

Refactored Client Application to Address Instability

Client had a mission-critical application that had been cobbled together but was running a multi-million dollar business.  Our first introduction to the application by the client included multiple application freezes, delayed data presentation, and cumbersome integration.  Client wanted to double their business in one year, and knew they could not grow more than 10% with the current state of the application.


Project Description

After an extensive research effort, we proposed a refactor of the client’s application to improve the design of the existing code base by deconstructing the entire functionality and rebuilding and improving the code with a series of small and medium-sized changes.

Changes also addressed security issues including former usage of open text passwords and protection against SQL injection attacks.  Third party integrations were reviewed and optimized.  Users guides and a technical manual were created for the software application.

Project Details

Completed refactor of client’s internally developed “mission critical” application to

  • address technical deficiencies
  • address inadequate coding standards
  • optimize third party product integrations
  • reduce application instability
  • institute source control
  • provide system documentation

Client was able to more than double their business and obtain a $MM revenue increase within the first year.

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