Five Questions

There are a lot of consulting firms in the marketplace—some large and omnipresent, some smaller and more nimble (we’d like to think Clockwork is the latter.)  No matter large or small, there are some basic questions a client may want to ask about when evaluating what a firm can do to support and improve its technology needs. provides the questions, we’ll provide the answers:

1. Do you have both business process and technical expertise?

Clockwork has always been built on both a business and a technical perspective—you can’t have one without the other. We’ve been successful by listening to—and answering the needs—of both sides of the house.

2. How long have your employees been in the business?

Clockwork’s principals have over 15 years of system analysis, project management, and technical implementation experience.

3. Who is your ongoing relationship with after the implementation is completed?

The same as in the implementation, and that’s really up to the client.  Some want to take over from day one,  others value a longer term support relationship.  We provide flexibility to retain the best people that made your implementation possible so you’re not left with unfamiliar resources going forward.

4. Does the consulting company have experience with your company’s types of processes?

We have experience with a large number of systems in a variety of industries.  Some processes are structurally the same, and others are specific to each client or industry.  We are happy to discuss your situation to determine how we can help.

5. Has the consulting company’s staff performed analogous, past data migrations from your existing technology platform?

In most cases yes, and if we haven’t, we’ll tell you so.